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Welcome to Kindergarten - Julia A. Stark Elementary School


Kindergarten is such a fun and exciting time in your child’s life. It is a time for learning, exploring, and developing socially and emotionally. Your child will grow in many ways and will become part of our learning community.

Kindergarten is all about transitions, learning new rules, and adjusting to new routines.  This year, the kindergarten will embark on an integrated approach to learning based upon the Boston Public Schools Curriculum for kindergarten. We have begun to use Fundations to learn letters, sounds, and spelling principles and the Eureka math program.  As the year continues, the students will learn to put sounds together to make words, solve math problems, and produce several writing pieces.

As their teachers, we support and guide their learning through direct instruction and hands-on activities during center time.  The kindergarten class will participate in both large and small group lessons throughout the year.  Although we begin the year with whole class activities, we introduce learning centers and small learning groups as the students become more independent learners. 

Oak Lawn Kindergarten teachers:

Michaela Halliwell [email protected] 

Dayna Cianci-Hudick [email protected]